Communication strategy
Popcorn brand
Light Corn
Brand of natural popcorn wchich consist a little bit calories, a lot of joy, and even more taste.
Create a communication strategy to make the brand noticeable, remember, and at least subscribed to Instagram.
P.S. Instagram has been chosen as the main communication channel.
We make an interview with those who like popcorn, don't like popcorn, eat fruits and chocolates, go to the gym, but sometimes drink cola (not zero).

We found an Insight. People eat snacks, chocolates, and other things, not because they are hungry, but just to сheer on themselves. Because it's a fan.
Everyone is different and loves different things. We are all different.
Some people are tired after school, university, or after work.
You are busy at work or busy at the university. You don't keep up with deadlines, you're tired of being on a diet, or hang out on YouTube.
Whatever happens, you need a relax, let the whole thing go.
As a result, everyone needs a recharge.
*Lightcorn recharhging
He is modern, sometimes uses slang. He doesn't teach or drum-like some adults. You can laugh with him and get a positive vibe.
Nobody likes perfect stories because they don't feel emotions. The tone of voice is like talking to a friend you trust.
Fan and emotions
Make Instagram bright
On the accounts of goods, people subscribe harder than on humans profile. It should be a reason to follow Light Corn.

We realized that we can't be uninteresting or neutral.

Light Corn Instagram is about the fan, positive and content that you want to share with friends.
Fan stories
We create a story about Charlz and believe in it.
Sometimes legends become real stories.
P.S. Trump's response is an example of a cool recommendation.
Special project
Have you ever heard about the sad story about drugs in the telegram? We wanted to turn it into a positive one. Therefore we arrange activities. We hide boxes of popcorn around the city and give tips on where to find them in the brand's telegram channel.

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