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All people like to travel. If you don't plan a trip, you can always see a travel blog on Youtube. It brings you new emotions and relax.

Alexander Kondrashov is a travel blogger with 1,4 million subscribers on Youtube. He launches a travel agency and we create a brand identity.
People say that coffee shops without coffee beans in a logo can't be real. It's difficult to imagine a travel company without a plane, globe, and suitcase.

We have another point of view. The new logo should have an association with personality, not the travel category.
It's easy to use a new logo and it makes an association with personality. The logo will change according to the new country.

Do you remember feeling when you count days to your next trip? You are waiting at the airport, make a route, discuss evening entertainment. Then you also find a present from trips.
Every country is more than a map point. It's a new point of view. We create a brand identity that reminds us of the trip. You also can save new branding clothes and accessories as memories.
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