Brand strategy
Organic cosmetic
Create new brand cosmetic for the London market
We have been fortunate to create brand cosmetics for the beautiful part of humanity - women.

Men in our team also know everything about beauty, stages of skincare, and what is the difference between and peeling.
Our product is 100% natural, without chemical additives, and without harming the environment. Bisch is an organic cosmetic.

Bisch consists of ancient mineral bischofite. It is absorbed transdermally, through the skin. It enriches the body with magnesium, supports the immune system and relieves fatigue.
Since the 17th century, women in England have been fighting for their rights. Attitudes to clever and independent women were bad. They were called the rude word "blue socks". Erudite women, whose life were not limited to the role of woman and mother, men afraid.
Women's upgrades
Every modern woman has a superpower
Times changes. Women today have a powerful impact on all sphere. She educates children, develops career, creates comfort in the house, and takes care about everyone. Sometimes, she forgets about
the most important aim - be happy.
Only woman who loves herself will be healthy and happy in future. In the weakness is woman's power, her nature. Being yourself is about harmony, acceptance yourself and boundless love.
So we have create a new brand strategy
Be yourself
Women hide in the bathroom from all over the world. Spa home relaxation with chocolate, champagne and hot tub is always a good idea. This is a place, where children or a husband can't found you. It's your place with your rules. On the package of Bisch cosmetics, there is a qr code that leads to a playlist with relaxing music.
Soon! New brand identity in process
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