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Ophthalmology clinic
Increase patient number
Batigoz is a branch of the Turkish Ophthalmology Clinic. The Batigoz network work in the Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Iraq, and Turkey. In March 2017, the clinic opened in Kyiv.
When people submitted a request on the site, they did not receive a response because the applications did not fall. Therefore, we uploaded more than 200 applications since the clinic was opened and realized that we should understand business deeper. It was not about advertised only.
We created:
New identity
and adapt the logo
Remember, what you feel when you get a clinic result
Imagine, you get a piece of paper in a file which emphasizes the formality of the moment. You are worried, even so, you are sure that everything is good.

So we decided to change the format.

We change it. The results are given a corporate folder with a new loyalty program, and if you have children, they get stickers with your favorite characters.
On a new landing page, we show that Batigoz is not only about quality medicine. It's a new approach to service and communication. You can make an online appointment, observe prices, and choose a doctor.
When we analyze patients, we noticed that many people come to the clinic with incurable diseases. One of them is glaucoma. If you don't treat it, you lose your eyesight forever. We try to understand why people did not visit doctors in advance.

Parents don't suspect that the children's sight goes worth it because children don't realize if they see good or bad.

Older people lose their eyesight and consider that it is a normal aging process. They will not tell their adult children about the problem, so they don't know about problems.
For the younger audience, we drive social networks and do targeted advertising.

Some people don't use Facebook and don't search for services on Google. They have problems but don't tell them about it.

We convinced that old people need help the most. We created special survey offers for them, and we also wrote articles in local newspapers.

Yes, newspapers became a channel for reporting the news. Patients know about us came through newspapers. We write stories about old people and their eye disease, about the importance of treatment and care of yourself.

Every person, despite the age, should see good this beautiful world.
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