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Yriy Manko is elite jewelry master who makes jewelry for order. All his life he devoted to improve his jewelry work. Yriy makes a secret formula which we don’t know but can evaluate the result.


It’s about impressive jewelry technique. When we saw Yriy’s work, we understand that brand would be at least equal to that product.

Manko Special Jewellery

Brand for special moment.
If you want to impress.


Not everyone can buy expensive jewelry. There not as many clients as Yriy wants. The main aim is to attract more people who buy new brand. Make Manko S.J. universal and authentic at the same time.

We don’t want to make a fabric. Manko is a boutique of acceptable luxury.
Diamonds, brilliants, gold and silver only. The best quality for optimal price.


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We understand that people usually buy jewelry for special event. Happy birthday, for him or her, to impress, for presents, to she say “yes”. 

To make your stories special. New brand Manko Special Jewelry is brand for special event. Every time your own stories become very close to us. Our mission is to share happy moments with you.

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